Mark Says Hi! w/ the Muppets
(From left to right Fozzie, Kermit, Gonzo, & Pepe) 
...but you knew that.


Mark Seman a.k.a. Mark Says Hi! was born through the conception of two consenting adults. He now resides in New York City as an award winning Radio Host, Musician, Actor, Producer, & Comedian. Mark has hosted several shows across the SiriusXM Radio Platform starting back in 2005 and has conducted over 1000+ interviews with celebrities, musicians, authors, entertainers, & personalities. From the likes of George Lucas to Mel Brooks. LeBron James to the Muppets. And Jennifer Lawrence to Muse.  He's also broadcast from some of the biggest sites and sporting events from the United States to England.

P.S. You just read this.

"His"story... so far:

Mark Seman (I know... Mark right?) was born and raised in Warren, OH.  He went to several schools. Pre-school, Grade School, Middle School, High School, and College School, studying TV/Radio at the latter whilst being an athlete and playing music. Then he moved... a lot, playing music all over the country.  

Once establishing himself in New York City in the early "aughts", he quickly dove into television & film.  Then it was on to radio... receiving an award for his work.
Mark plays music a whole bunch whether it's live performance, recording, writing or producing.  He loves theme songs and writes jingles.  Mark does acting and comedy.  In the nooks and crannies of the above selected time line reference points he has gained many skills.  Mark has been all over the world as a result of said skills while racking up a 2018 Webby Award and a New York Festivals Bronze World Medal along the way.

... to be continued.